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Isaiah 8v12-20 is pretty interesting.

The one verse that catches me is v18. Isaiah was reminding the tribe that they were signs and symbols of the Lord, who dwells in Mount Zion.

They were the signs and symbols.

The way they lived were the signs and symbols.

What were they signs of? Look at the top. Not being caught up in conspiracies, not fearing what “the people” or culture fears. Now, it wasn’t fear like the fear of something you are scared of. Fear at this time, and many times in the OT, was all about how you lived in response to what you were fearing.

We never get along well with the phrase “fear of the Lord.” Americans look up the word “fear” than the word “Lord” and they put them together to mean something negative. ”Fear” gets us off on the wrong foot.

Fear-of-the-Lord is a “bound phrase.” The four words in English, two in Hebrew, are bound together making one single word. Fear-of-the-Lord. It is not a combination of fear and Lord. It is a word on its own.
Eugene Peterson explains this word

“[When] we let the biblical contexts provide the conditions for understanding the word, we find that it means something more like a way of life in which human feelings and behavior are fused with God’s being and revelation… God is active, Man is active in the term. Fear-of-the-Lord designates a way of living that cannot be dissected into two parts… it marks the way of life appropriate to our creation and salvation and blessing by God.”

You are a sign and a symbol of a different way of life. A way that involves your life being infused with God’s life. When this fear-of-the-Lord is not present, we begin to fear and fuse ourselves with things like consumerism, advertisements, and celebrities that “give us” our power. Where there is no Fear-of-the-Lord there will be racial and class resentment, left and right agendas, and other sorts of “you surely won’t DIE” mentalities.

What are you “fearing” today?

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